Past and Present

A stunning new building is the fourth addition to enhance the golf experience at Colgate University. The first structure was constructed in 1928 near the fourth tee of the original course, situated “on the hill.” It was later relocated to a spot behind Stillman and Andrews Halls.

Unfortunately, a tragic fire destroyed the building in 1941. However, Colgate promptly constructed a new Clubhouse, which was subsequently moved downhill to serve as a ski lodge. In recent times, it has been repurposed as the Outdoor Education building. In 1954, the University acquired the Charles Payne/Isaiah Wheeler property, completing renovations in 1958. The Wheeler home, known as “Belvoir,” meaning “beautiful view,” served as the Clubhouse at Seven Oaks until its demolition in September 2021.

The replacement for the former Seven Oaks Clubhouse has garnered praise from all who have witnessed it and dined there. The building exudes a farmhouse aesthetic and boasts a spacious dining room, banquet facilities, and outdoor seating offering breathtaking views of the campus and the back six holes of the course.

Doug Speer has operated the restaurant since 2002, and his skilled team prepares a variety of dishes to satisfy every culinary preference.  A prominent figure in the local restaurant industry for over two decades, Doug is passionate about providing quality food and a memorable dining experience for his customers. He believes in giving back to the community. Whether it’s participating in local fundraisers, supporting charitable organizations, or mentoring aspiring restaurateurs, Doug is committed to making a positive impact beyond the walls of his restaurant. Through his leadership, the restaurant has become a beloved dining destination in the area. 

Seven Oaks Grill